Roulette Diamond Overview

Roulette Diamond Overview

Diamond Roulette is a modernized version of traditional European Roulette to allow players to cash in more prizes. Indeed, the game is based on the same basic rules of traditional European Roulette. However, some adjustments have been made by 1×2 Gaming, to make the game even more entertaining.

1×2 Gaming is recognized as one of the unstoppable in the mobile games and HTML5 expansion sector. All of their products are considered to be of superior quality with mind-boggling innovations. With the launch of Roulette Diamond, the corporation further confirms its reputation. Indeed, the game features stunning graphics accompanied by a prodigious soundtrack. In Diamond Roulette, what will immediately catch your attention is the beautiful diamond-shaped layout that encompasses the assortment of red and black numbers without forgetting the zero.

Roulette Diamond features

  • Type: Roulette
  • Minimum bet: $0.1
  • Maximum bet: $50
  • Software: 1×2 Gaming
  • Team Score: 8.1 / 10

Traditional roulette normally has 37 distinct numbers, but in Diamond Roulette you will see 41 numbers. This is one of the variants added by 1×2 Gaming that you should consider. With more numbers, players have more options to make more profit. The game also displays a more proven number of numbers on the board, to support more action on each spin. In Diamond Roulette, you will also see a small difference in the wheel. From the moment you place your bet, the virtual ball will spin around the numbers and come to a fixed position indicating the winning number. The multi-ball feature is also a great feature in this game that will give you an extra spin.


When it comes to the range of bets, the Diamond Roulette game has a more proven number. This means that players have more chances and the gaming experience is almost complete. More atypical additional options are added in this game. Single bets have a higher payout rate. In fact, you can get a payout of 39 compared to 37 with traditional roulette. Note that you can place up to 16 bets on the diamond-shaped surface at the same time using chips ranging from 0.1 to 50.

Roulette remains one of the most popular games in the world. If you have a soft spot for classic games with a modern twist, then Diamond Roulette is the best option. The developers at 1×2 Gaming have shown that combining a traditional game with futuristic features can result in a masterpiece.

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